It's Spring and thoughts turn to new beginnings

Well Spring has sprung and following my usual list of New Year's resolutions I have revisited, reviewed and to some extent revived the list. As usual some items can be ticked off - do more for the Princes Trust, one new mentor and one day's training delivered; volunteer to teach English and complete an online course, thanks to the WEA for introducing me to asylum seekers in Wakefield and letting me accompany them to the theatre, Hepworth Gallery and library - I have learned so much and completed the online qualification with Future Learn. Other items are nearly there including completely reviewing my website and mothballing Creative Minds since the NHS are using the name for a mental health project. Some items are best forgotten - giving up chocolate! New items have now appeared and I look forward to the summer when I will once again revisit, review and revise the list.

My quote for the day: "There's a big difference between the world doing things to you and your doing things to yourself."

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