Looked After Children mentoring project - Trinity Academy

The project started in September 2014 and involved training and supervising 9 mentees and 2 mentors and evaluating the impact of the programme. The mentors were former students of the school who are now at local universities. The mentees were selected by the school, all were looked after and had been identified as having the potential to benefit from mentoring. The mentoring programme was based on a workbook developed by Yorkshire Mentoring which was completed by the mentors on behalf of the mentees. This included a baseline assessment covering areas such as attendance, behaviour, achievement and relationships. 

Initial assessments informed the development of goals which then led to the identification of actions which were reviewed at each meeting. At the end of each term a review was undertaken to identify progress and any potential barriers. A final evaluation identified that all mentees had improved in relation to the key indicators and had started to identify progression routes mainly into further education. The programme has continued into this academic year with 7 new mentees and 4 new mentors.

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